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This is my portfolio, where my work is displayed. Feel free to look around. I'm sure you'll see why CDW Web Design is the right choice for your Web site design needs.

Screenshot of the Rochester Fair Web site

This is a site that I built and maintain for the Rochester (NH) Fair Association. I'm pleased with the results. What was really called to task here was my understanding of approachable Web site navigation as well as my understanding of fonts, colors and Web site legibility. The background photo is not my own, but is ideal for this page as it foucses on the fairgrounds' iconic exhibit buildings and their cupolas.

Screenshot of the Christopher Whittum Author page

This is a WordPress site that I designed to promote myself as an author. The digital photography is my own. I wanted a fresh clean look, without a lot of distractions and I selected a theme that conveys this. This site nicely demonstrates approachable navigation which is essential in any Web site.

Screenshot of the Energize Education Web site

This is a WordPress site that I designed to promote my book, Energize Education through Open Source. I am particularyly pleased with this site as I designed the masthead that appears both here and on the cover of my book. The site has grown to be geared more to the promotion of open source educational technologies than the book, which is fine iwth me. It is aesthetically appealinig and, as with the site above, demonstrates my capacity to create user-friendly Web site navigation.

Screenshot of Dennis Cote Site

This is a Web site that I designed for a loan officer at a local bank. I tried to emulate the look of the bank's Web site, while keeping the appearance of this site fresh and original. The straightforward navigation and aesthetic appeal make this site exemplary of the kind of Web site that I take great pride in creating.

Screenshot of Rochester Kiwanis Site

This is a Web site I designed for a local Kiwanis Club. They had an existing Web site, so I largely just had to design a new layout and tranfer information from the old site to the new. The new site offers improved navigation and superior legibility when compared to its predecessor.

Screenshot of Amphibian Warehouse Site

Amphibian Warehouse was actually a project I created while working on my Web design certification. I had a great time with it, and it shows that I'm not afraid of the unconventional, so long as you keep the Web site visitor's needs in mind.

Screenshot of the Shady Lane Farm Site

This is a site a designed promoting my parents' farm. This was an interesting project, as I designed the site when I was starting out and I recently had the opportunity to redesign the site and make it look more professional.

Screenshot of Youth Theater Project Site

This is a Web site that I designed for the Youth Theater Project, an NYC-based youth theater program. I tried to give the site a flashy, stylish look that would appeal to teens while maintaining a high level of functionality.

Screenshot of the Donald F. Whittum Site

I designed this site for Donald Whittum (my dad) when he started his own law practice. I wanted the site have an appealing look, but to also convey professionalism. Many of his clients are elderly, so I wanted to keep things simple and clean.

Screenshot of my Masters in Educational Technology Site

I created this site while working on my MEd in Educational Technology. I am particularly proud of this site because of the great work I did on the clip-art images. You can view them in the third page of this portfolio.

Scrrenshot of the Strafford County Conservation District site

Here is a site that I created for the Strafford County Conservation District. This is probably my magnum opus. The background image, scrolling banner and color scheme make for a very effective, and eye-catching, visual.

Screenshot of the McGuireLLC Landscaping site

This is the site I did for McGuire LLC Landscaping. I chose to use earth tones to emphasize this commpany's area of focus. The banner and menu utilize this company's logo and colors, which helps the site's visitors to recognize the business iwhen seeking them out in the "real world."

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