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Here I'm displaying some of my mastheads or banners, which I have designed.

Dennis Cote Web site banner

This is the banner from a site I designed for a local loan officer. As Dennis is affiliated with a large bank chain, I tried to make the Web site, and especially the banner, resemble that of the bank as much as possible without infringing on anyone's copyright.

Rochester Kiwanis Club banner

Here's a close-up of the banner for the Rochester Kiwanis Club Web site. I think that the color scheme looks great. I used the colors from the Kiwanis logo to create the banner. The hardest part was centering the logo.

Amphibian Warehouse banner

This is a close up of the banner I created for the Amphibian Warehouse project. I was provided with two images and had to design a site around them, so I created Amphibian Warehouse. As I prefer a more conservative design style, this gave me a rare opportunity to "cut loose." It was a lot of fun and the site looks great.

Shady Lane Farm banner

This is the banner from the Shady Lane Farm Web site that I did for my parents' farm. I was trying to make it look natural/pastoral, yet give it an element of elegance. That's why I chose to use a calligraphic font against a green background.

Youth Theater Project banner

This is the banner from the Youth Theater Project Web site. The black and white banner handsomely contrasts the red background used on the page behind it. The graphics at each end serve to add aesthetic appeal while also helping to frame in the text and clarify this organization's focus on theater.

Shady Lane Farm banner

Here is the new Shady Lane Farm banner. It is taken directly from the farm's own sign and thus uses the farm's official color scheme. I think it does a better job of conveying a sense of rustic charm than its predecessor, yet still maintains a level of elegance.

Donald F. Whittum Law Office PLLC banner

Here we have the banner that I designed for the Donald F. Whittum Law Office Web site. The design for this banner is taken directly from Attorney Whittum's own sign. The colors are understated and it conveys an sense of professionalism. Using the sign as a basis for the banner also helps potential clients better recongnize the actual sign when they see it on the street and thus makes it easier for them to find Attorney Whittum's office.

Strafford County Conservation District banner

The scrolling banner for the Strafford County Conservation District Web site really brings a lot to the page in terms of aesthetics and functionality. I chose images that I felt best represented SCCD and what they do. The slideshow includes images taken from nature, agriculture and workshops. I wanted to show that SCCD not only advocates conservation practices, but also works with people through seminars and other activities to give participants a better understanding of their role in conservation. If nothing else, I think this is the most lively banner in my portfolio.

McGuite LLC Landscaping banner

The bright colors of this banner nicely contrast with the darker background of the site, yet are still natural colors. The banner also directly converys to the visitor what the company does. The lettering and layout were taken directly from this company's sign, which will enhance recognition by site visitors who opt to patronize them as well as reinforce branding.

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