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Portfolio 3

Here are various graphic images that I created for one reason or another.

picture of a houseHere is a clip-art image that I designed for my graduate school technology site. As the picture would imply, this appeared on the "Home" page. I actually lost points on that project, because I failed to credit my clip-art. The grader said that it looked like Microsoft clip-art, which could be interpretted as a compliment, depending on your opinion of Microsoft clip-art.

picture of an all-in-one printerThis clip-art image that I created for the "Printed Instructional Materials" page. I decided to make the printer look like an all-in-one printer for the sake of clarity. Regular inkjet and laserjet printers lack the obvious distinguishing characteristics that would help people identify what the image is supposed to be.

picture of a computer as an artistic painterThis image was designed for the "Graphic Instructional Material" page of my graduate school Web site project. It's colorful, cute and, I think, rather imaginative.

picture of some musical notes, a CD and a cameraAs the image implies, I designed it for the "Multimedia Instructional Materials" portion of my site. Multimedia is such a broad topic that I chose to incorporate several images associated with the concept into the clip-art image.

picture of a two-drawer filing cabinetThis image was designed for the "Information Management" section of the graduate school Web site. In developing this image, I found myself confronted with exactly the opposite of the challenge that I encountered with multimedia. "What image clearly represents information management?" The answer: a filing cabinet.

picture of a computer connecting to Earth via a cableSince the content of the "Additional Resources" page consisted of links to external Web sites, it seemed only natural to fall back on that clichéd image of a computer connecting to the Earth, which is reconnected to the computer in a cyclical fashion. Still, it's a nice piece and I'm rather proud of my rendering of Earth. Too bad the size is detail prohibitive.

picture of the arts and a computer

For the graduate school site, I had to design an original image (I guess the clip-art didn't count). I chose to focus on the arts, with a computer thrown in to tie technology into the image.

TylenolBM -Fast-acting pain-relief,powerful laxative

I've always loved satire and parody, so the idea for this came to me naturally. What I like about it is that it looks like a legitimate product, much like product parodies found in humor magazines.

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